Copyright (c) 1994,1995 Michael Brundage. All rights reserved.


This report has of course ommitted many important topics, ranging from intellectual property issues to digital authentication. I could probably write for years about these things, and expand this short summary of the conference to several volumes of detailed research. However, such pursuits are not my cup of tea (and would probably be outdated by the time I finished anyway), and I must go on to other things, particularly being a graduate student/teaching assistant and exploring the possibilties of online collaboration/education interactive environments.

If you have any comments at all regarding this report, especially corrections or additions you would like to see, such as expansions of topics major or minor, or additional links to other resources, please let me know - I would gladly welcome such remarks. There is a lot I don't know about so many of these issues, and would like to learn.

Rather than end this with a list of predictions, I end it with only a challenge to you: Think about it. Think about the Net (learn about it if you're not familiar with it), and think about the ramifications for the world in which we live. I think the greatest progress has been and will continue to be made by those who look beyond our present capabilities and ask themselves, ``What can I do?''

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