XQuery: The XML Query Language

book cover

by Michael Brundage

Published: Addison-Wesley Professional, 2004

505 pp., list price US$59.99

ISBN: 0-321-16581-0

Part I:Foundations
Chapter 1:A Tour of XQuery
Chapter 2:Data Model and Type System
Chapter 3:Navigation
Chapter 4:Functions and Modules
Part II:Core Language Features
Chapter 5:Basic Expressions
Chapter 6:Iteration
Chapter 7:Construction
Chapter 8:Text Processing
Chapter 9:Type Operators
Part III:Application
Chapter 10:Practical Examples
Chapter 11:Surprises
Chapter 12:XQuery Serialization
Chapter 13:Query Optimization
Chapter 14:Beyond the Standard
Part IV:Reference
Appendix A:Data Model and Type System Reference
Appendix B:Expression Reference
Appendix C:Function Reference
Appendix D:Regular Expression Reference
Appendix E:Grammar
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